Heartcall Music… a psalm with a sound

8854kv_siteHeartcall Music… features the music of Ken Verheecke, a Native-American Yu’pik Eskimo. This ministry of music began in the summer of 1991 by Ken and Jill Verheecke. Through music, they are effectively communicating the love of God to His people and to those who have never heard His message of redemption. 

Praise and Worship are areas of strength when Ken is sharing in concert. A Psalmist would best describe the calling that Ken holds. Ken has many strengths, all of which allow him to reach the audience deeper and still none overpower his love for the people. Yes, he sings, yet it is with passion rivaled by few. His songwriting skills are tremendous, expressing a passion for God by one who has been touched by the grace of God.

He plays guitar with a confidence that immediately captures the ear. In addition to his musical skill, there is a level of communication both on and off the stage that sets him apart as an artist. He is definitely a communicator in many ways and at many levels. He is an artist that must be experienced first had to fully appreciate. 

As a 13 year old, Ken discovered a love and forgiveness that only God could give. What began as a hobby as a 19 year old, developed into something special… music from one who knows the love and forgiveness of God like never before. God is good… ALL the time…

Ken has released several solo recordings since 1993, and after experiencing 180,000 album downloads, Heartcall Music is proud to announce the release of Light of Change… a continuing theme of restoration, healing, and a celebration for the gift of life… life that only God can give!

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