Heartcall Music… a psalm with a sound

8854kv_siteFrom the life and pen of Ken Verheecke (a Native-American Yu’pik Eskimo) comes forth the call of his heart… “to lift high the name of the Lord. To declare God’s exploits and to worship and adore God’s awesome wonder.” Since 1991 this has been Ken’s passion.

“Within each heart and life are deep internal motivations. We are driven to express… to communicate… to move to the rhythm of a passion to know and be known. We have been given an ability to think and dream and engage all that is around us… but yet there is a longing for a meaningful interaction with a world that is seemingly beyond our grasp. So begins the journey of the heart… desperate to build a relationship with God.

The songs featured upon my CD releases are mile marker moments within this journey. They are intersections of time when I was moved to express an experience… be it a moment of sadness or a celebration, it is all sincere and honest… it is my journey. “I hope as you listen to these songs… that you will be encouraged in your journey and that you are ultimately able to find your way into God’s eternal embrace” says Ken. “We all walk with a limp… which is to say, no one is perfect… we all make mistakes! Some large, some small… BUT, God is not condemnation… He is always about restoration!” notes Ken continues.

Born in Rantoul, IL and now residing in Northern Michigan, Ken travels the nation encouraging many in the love of God!

Ken has released several solo recordings since 1993, and after exeriencing 180,000 album downloads, Heartcall Music is proud to announce the release of “The Living God.” A celebration of God’s goodness, mercy… and grace!