Hope In God

“Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God.” – Psalm 43:5

Living in Northern Michigan has been an interesting experience. I’ll never forget moving into the house we are renting… taking time to settle into our first evening on the deck. The night air was cool and comfortable. I settled into a new fold out chair we picked up at Wal Mart and decided to enjoy a moment of rest. As I began to feel the comfort of that moment… shots fired out in the forest. Gun shots! They were nearby! All of a sudden I found myself wrestling with a moment of fear. In our former home in South Dakota, we never heard such things. This was the sound of GUNS!!! My next thought was… what are they shooting at in the darkness? It was unsettling to me. I began to wonder… “what did we do?” “Why are we here???” “This doesn’t feel safe!”

Over time I began to learn that folks here in Northern Michigan shoot at Coyotes. I guess it is ok here to do that… which shows I am clueless I am about guns and Northern Michigan ways. I am learning though.

Shirlee, our little Shih Tzu puppy doesn’t understand this. Whenever shots are fired she starts to shake with fear. It’s even worse during the 4th of July celebrations. My heart melts with tenderness whenever this happens and I will often lie down next to Shirlee and begin to comfort her and whisper in her ear… “Daddy loves you Shirlee, it’s going to be ok.”

I remember a moment when I was comforting Shirlee… God began to say to me, “this love you have for Shirlee is like my love for you my son. How much more will I comfort you when they world seems to be falling a part! I am with you… and I love you!”

In that moment, I was reminded of the passage in Psalm 43:5… and hope began to rise up within me!

Today… it seems that shots are being fired all over the place. Shots of anger… fear… struggle… uncertainty… hurt… frustration… feelings of being unheard… fighting… etc. Explosive events in our Nation and the world around us are causing many to tremble in fear. Yet… if we would just simply look up… remove our gaze from the fear around us and realize, that there is a voice speaking to us… “I am with you… I love you… I will cover you and protect you.” It’s God comforting us and we can place our HOPE in Him!

God is our refuge and strength… an ever present help in times of struggle… therefore we will not fear… as it states in Psalm 46.

As this new day begins… may we put our hope in God! He is with us… and I hope my song, The Living God blesses and encourages you today! Hope in God!

“The Living God” from the CD ‘The Living God”

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Published by Ken Verheecke

Singer-Songwriter, Composer

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