Let The Whole World Sing – New Song

It’s been WAY TOO LONG… since I last recorded a vocal song! Over two years… 🙁 

As some of you know… I have been fearful to sing. Since about 2001 I have had many “industry” folks say things like… Ken, your voice is good… but if you focus on your instrumental efforts… you will find more success. My CD sales reflected as well. I cannot tell you how many times folks would come up to my product table and say, “I love you voice, but can I get that instrumental CD you were talking about?” Which was always funny to me… cause I hardly ever played an instrumental piece in my concerts. I would hold up the CD and talk about it. 

So… for nearly 20 years, I have recorded mostly instrumental albums, etc. I know God has used those recordings to bless others. But I have had so many dreams where I was encouraged to sing. One my dad… who passed away on May 1st, 1992… appeared to me and kept saying, Ken… sing, it’s ok sing…” 

So I tried countless times… you all have no idea! I tried time and time again to record a vocal song, only trash it because I felt I sounded horrible. More times than I can count. 

Recently I started dreaming of something… something so HUGE, SOMETHING FAR GREATER than what I can comprehend. 

I started to wonder… WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF EVERY BELIEVE IN JESUS RAISED A SONG OF WORSHIP AT THE EXACT SAME TIME ON THE EARTH. I believe it would MOVE earth and rid the world of this filthy virus!!!!!!!!! Something would happen beyond our imagination 🙂 

I wouldn’t know the first thing about this… but, my mind is racing like you wouldn’t believe!!! 


I have been reading a one year study through the book of Psalms and I have had a few simple phrases locked into my heart, and mind. As I would read them here and there, I could hear a simple melody emerging. 

I started recording this song early yesterday morning… and just now completed it. In these times… it’s time to create beauty and as I have been noting lately… I feel my voice beginning to OPEN again! I am not worthy to sing of God’s love and goodness… but I have accepted the forgiveness offered through the cross and the love of God through His son Jesus. I am forgiven, and living. 

It’s time to SING… let the WHOLE WORLD SING! 


Published by Ken Verheecke

Singer-Songwriter, Composer

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