Be Still & Know…

cropped-beach-clouds-cloudscape-139975.jpgGood Morning… so much has happened since Jill and I moved to Northern Michigan to help care for my mother in law… who is dealing with some severe health issues. It has been an undertaking we were not prepared for, but… in and through it all… God has been good! Very, very… very good!

This move has limited my traveling schedule, but thankfully I have been able to get out here and there and share in a variety of settings, coffeehouses, churches, campus ministries etc. Each time… I found myself feeling extremely thankful for those times. It is after all… all I have known for 25 years. As you might imagine… it has been a season of adjustment.

So with all this happening… I have found myself writing and composing a lot of instrumental music. I have been working with a wonderful label out of Arizona called Heart Dance Records. I have LOVED that season of life and I will always cherish that as well as I feel God is moving me on. I have been feeling God moving me into something it took most of this year to figure out. I’ll elaborate here…

I have spent this year experiencing a season of healing… physical, emotional… and even spiritual as well. God has shown me a level of love, forgiveness and restoration like I have never known before. The level of outpouring has at times been overwhelming. Another amazing part to all of this has been something God kept showing me over and over… and over again. The words from Psalm 46:10 “Be Still & Know I am God” was appearing everywhere. I found it on signs, in books… in stores, on church signs in front of churches, so one I finally said “Ok God… I get the message.” I felt the voice of God say… “this is what I have given you in your music… let the world know this peace…”

During this time… the letters, messages I was receiving from folks were always consistent… “Ken, your music brings so much peace into my life.” “I am able to sleep soundly listening to your music.” “It’s so peaceful and relaxing.” Once again, I started to get the message.


The site here is shifting its focus from my “artist” touring focus to… a “artist” recording focus. Recording music that I would called “soaking” instrumental music. Music that allows one to experience God’s embrace… His love and His peace. Honestly… it terrifies me as I am not sure how to make a living for my family. But I am going to do my very best to trust God and allow Him the room and space to bless in this area.

I will still do the occasional traveling date… but, those will be times of focusing on God’s love and peace. I believe this is the message of our time right now. The world needs to know this love and peace… something that only comes from God!

More to come… way more to come!