I Will Trust In You

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.Psalm 56:3

Growing up… and in fact to this very day, I need a little bit light when I go to bed to sleep. This was never more apparent when I finally got my own room when we moved from Duluth, MN to Sault Ste Marie, MI. I was 15 years old and I begged and begged my dad for my own room during this move. He ended up giving me the basement and I remember being so excited as we went to the local second hand store and got a couch a rug for my new room. I hung my black light posters, plugged in my lava lamp and positioned my mono-phonic record player for listening enjoyment! I was in my own room… it felt great!

Until… night came!

I remember shutting off the light and immediately panicking! It was pitch black!!! Not knowing what to do… I opened the door to find my Mom sitting at the kitchen table quietly reading a magazine. When the family called it a day it was the time my mom spent for a little time for herself. It was her routine to unwind and relax. So, I opened the door to basement to let a little light come into this dark room. I knew I was going to be ok… so I quietly slipped off to sleep with a little bit of light streaming down those stairs, but… my mom also loved to sing and I remember hearing her quietly sing “My Jesus I Love Thee.” This all brought so much comfort to this new life of coming into my own.

Life is full of fearful moments… but like that light and song streaming into my darken room, Jesus can be our source of comfort when we need it. We just need to let Him in… and another wonderful promise awaits… joy will come in the morning! But I’ll save that for another post one day! For now… I am choosing to rest in Him… I hope you are as well!