Overflowing Cup – Beloit, WI

Good Evening Friends…

Hope you’ve had a blessed week-end so far! I am home after a wonderful week-end in Beloit, WI. Last night I played… ministered and shared at The Overflowing Cup. If memory serves me rightly… my band Jeremiah played there back in 1984! How fun is that… and here we are singing God’s praises after all these years.

Over all it was a nice night… the folks seemed to enjoy themselves and of course I enjoyed sharing myself. I would rather not say performing… instead, sharing music seems more appropriate.

Last night I share about God’s love and how I have learned so much about God’s love by having Moose (our Dog) in our lives. If you don’t recall that post, you can refresh yourself here: Moose & the Love of God

Anyway… I believe it was a blessed night all around! I got back to my hotel… chilled for a little bit… and zonked out feeling blessed and excited for the future… as it is my hope and prayer to continue to do more events.

Pressing onward!