Renew Me… again?

This CD originally came out in 1997. The songs were demo’s and as I shared cassette copies with worship leaders I came to know through my concerts, I found out that multiple copies were made in the hundreds because folks enjoyed the recordings so much!

I remember feeling horrified because they were demo’s… but a worship leader friend encouraged me to release it as an official release. To my amazement… it was for a long time… my fastest selling and most successful release for a long time. Folks who have known me all these still say… that is my favorite CD of yours… which reminds me of that horrific feeling again. LOL

As an artist… I hear all the weakness of the production… which btw, was recorded on a 4 try cassette recorder! Anyway, I also hear all the minor issues as well… but for some reason it connects.

So here it is again… back online! All set… and ready to go on Apple Music, Spotify… all the digital outlets! Blessings to you and thank you for being here!