More lessons from Moose

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you… James 4:8 (NKJV)

Of course there is more to this passage… which speaks about repentance, etc. I will leave that for another time. What I would like to focus on is something more basic and something that just occurred moments ago.

This morning… as with just about each and everyday, Moose and I head out for a run along Mullet Lake here in Northern Michigan. Although I must clarify… I am really a “slogger” these days! Anyway… it was a wonderful time. God speaks to me in ways I cannot fully articulate. All I know… this is a cherished time of my day.

After we arrived home, I sat down to stretch which is my routine. Moose, being grateful for the run comes over and wants to nuzzle up next to me. Now I need to stretch… but Moose wants to be near me. In that moment, I can’t help myself. I start hugging Moose telling him how much I love him… and instantly I am reminded of James 4:8. As I was showing and communicating my love to Moose, God spoke to my heart and said the same to me… I love you to Ken… draw near to me, and I will draw near to you!

God is so faithful! No matter where you’ve been… what you’ve done… He is always ready to articulate His love for you and I! And… just to be clear, I DO NOT deserve His love… but His kindness… leads me to repentance (Romans 2:4).


What a wonderful moment this morning… and, hoping that blesses and encourages you today!