So Creative & Beautiful!

Greets Everyone…

Yesterday was a busy, busy day… didn’t get a chance to post, but… I am back today!

I LOVE Christian music. I won’t tell you how long that love goes back… because if I do… you might think, THIS GUY IS OLD! I am actually… BUT, that is beside the point!

I am not one of those artists that can’t share other peoples music. I am not so focused on my own work that I need to hold you to myself and that’s it. In my heart… that just seems sad. There is so much wonderful music out there… not just mine, which I hope is wonderful too (shyly laughing).

So… with that in mind, please allow me the blessing of sharing a group I have recently discovered. Rivers & Robots:

I feel that their new release Discovery is a gorgeous work of art… extremely creative worship! It’s modern R&B vibe mashed up with Coldplay. SOOOOO Good!

Check em out folks!

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