Time to remember

“Lord, when I feel that what I’m doing is insignificant and unimportant, help me to remember that everything I do is significant and important in your eyes, because you love me and you put me here, and no one else can do what I am doing in exactly the way I do it.”
Brennan Manning, Souvenirs of Solitude: Finding Rest in Abba’s Embrace

Growing old is an interesting experience. Adding to that “experience” is a culture that doesn’t respect those who are older. I remember leading worship at a Christian Music Conference in Nashville a few years back. A group of “record” label heads declared, “we’re not looking for anyone older than 22 years old… we’re looking young hip artists…” I was blown away…

As we age… we’re told that we’re no longer useful, it’s time for another generation to take it’s turn.

But here’s the deal about those of us who are aging… I believe we’re still relevant! We still makes mistakes… sometimes BIG, MASSIVE mistakes… we’re still learning about who God is and what His love is all about. It’s from that vantage point we articulate the wonder and beauty of who God is. We have all those years of learning, coupled with recent, or fresh experiences of growing with God. We never stop learning… and we never should stop telling the story of who God is to others!

God put all of us here… young and old, and no can do what we can do! It’s time for me… and hopefully others as well… to remember…