He Makes ALL Things Beautiful!

plantMuch is happening on the homestead here… not to mention, hours and hours of rest. I don’t feel “right” yet physically… I am told it’s going to take time. In many ways it feels as though I don’t have much time for… “time.” None the less I am doing my best on all fronts to recover… yet take care of things here at the house. It’s a strange time…

Moose sometimes needs me to go outside with him into the backyard… he’s my constant companion these days. I love him so much… he has a level of understanding that is beyond my ability to understand. I consider that a precious gift from God! Anyway… as I often do, I find myself contemplating the moment and life in general. I had so many plans for this backyard! Landscaping ideas… trees I wanted to plant, etc. Sadly I never got around to it… but I appreciate the trees that were here when I first arrived at this place. Branches now strong and lifted heavenward reminds me of a soul… fully and completely surrendered in worship as their branches are lifted heavenward. At the its core… it’s such a beautiful sight to behold… and a reminder to respond in like manner to the God of wonders.

So… even though I may have missed some opportunities to cultivate this… seemingly neglected backyard… in God’s timing and wisdom… it’s really never too late.

It seems like a good day to plant something new… and let mercy fall upon this ground as the roots grow deep into something beautiful… He makes ALL things, beautiful!