Loving God… with ALL our heart

“And you shall love the Lord your God from your whole heart and from your whole soul and from your whole mind and from your whole strength.” Mark 12:30

This passage is a portion of scripture that I often quote when referring to worshipping God. I remember years ago… back when message boards were extremely popular, reading a post that had the question, “how does one love God? How do I someone whom I have never seen or even know?”

To this day, that question still lingers within my life and being… and this morning as I began to rise to start this day, that question once again began to beckon me.

So how do we love God?

I believe in begins within our heart…


Love is an amazing mystery. How is it that we are able to love, something, or someone? Much of what we see in today’s culture… movies, tv shows, songs, etc. is a false picture of love. Most of this is based on “feelings” and is deemed “romantic, etc.” But let me be clear… having such feelings is a good thing, but… again this isn’t love. Maybe a better description would be… infatuation.

Loving God with all our heart is more than a feeling or infatuation! It is a purposeful decision to love God… in other words, it’s a commitment. Now of course we all are fallible… no one is perfect. At the end of each day, I am met with this reality… I am no where near perfect and truly not fully capable of such love, but… this LOVE originates from God… which is such a higher form love. Therefore… because of His love, I am able to love as well. It is from this knowledge that I choose… to love God. My prayer every day is… God, show me more and more what it means to love You.

So today as that question arose within me… “How does one love God?” My response was… “by faith, I choose to love You God and throughout this amazing day, show me what it means to love You.” May it be your prayer as well…