Live from the living room

Back in 1978… I used to take a couple of microphones and plug them into a tape deck and record the songs I had been writing at that time. Those were extremely innocent songs… an expression of my faith as I began to discover what it meant to record and communicate my heart as a Christian Artist.

Through the years I have had many of my old friends remark that they felt they were some of my best recordings.

Usually whenever I would hear that, I would cringe as I knew technically those recordings were pretty rough… yet in spite of that, I would consistently hear the same thing from friends… “those were my favorite recordings of you.”

I’ve often wondered why they felt that way… and it wasn’t that long ago that I was able to ask one of those friends about my old recordings. Their response was, “because you sounded real.”

That comment has caused me to consider recording a simple, stripped down recording. Basically just me and my guitar. More or less recording documentary style. Interestingly I was about to find some old demo CD’s that contained some wonderful tunes and I also recorded some new songs as well. It’s been kind of fun to rediscover this form of recording.

With this in mind… I am releasing “Live from the living room” in January!