Silence Is

I am an eternal optimist. I think to some I am obnoxious about that… but for some reason I can’t help but see the beauty in all things… between the good and bad… between the happy and sad… through it all I am able to come to terms with it and rejoice. I LOVE life!

My song “Silence Is” is not a autobiographical song. I think sometimes people can easily see these songs that way… but the reality is this, I am a songwriter and I desire more and more to write about this amazing thing I call “Life.” Now of course there are things I have experienced in life that I draw from, and… every writer does… but again, that does not mean… I am writing about my life here.

But then again… maybe I am?

“Silence Is” was inspired by our need to have communion in life. We all desire to know and to be known. Sometimes that can also be a challenge and I’ll confess there have been times I was really good at fostering a great relationship with someone, and there have been times I have fumbled and faltered as well. With the latter, that sometimes that leads to separation… and it’s during those times when life can feel pretty hard.

On the flip side… silence is also a way to say “I Love You” too. It’s in patience… it’s in understanding that someone needs space  and that’s a form of articulating love to someone.

I think sometimes… in ways in which we can not fully understand… God can seem quiet to us.

Could it be that He is just giving us some space to allow us to find the beauty and grace in it all?

“Silence Is” might be one of the most darkest songs I have ever written and recorded… or maybe it’s the brightest? You tell me! But… none less, no matter your viewpoint… it is one of the most honest songs I have ever written and with that I hope the glorious beauty of it all shines through.

Whatever you’re facing today… God has this! Even in the silence…