A New Season

It was in 1978 that I first picked up the guitar… from that moment on, my life has not been the same.

I spent the next decade pursuing the dream of being a Christian Artist… playing in a variety of bands. It was a great season of life and I learned so much… but as the 80’s came to a close, a new season was about to begin!

For reasons I don’t want to unpack here… I soon found myself playing music as a solo artist. At first I was terrified of being on my own… but soon my confidence grew and by the end of 1993… I had quit my job of 13 years (in the fire protection industry) and started traveling full time.

Over the years I have seen so many changes in the music and how it functions in the church. I’ve done my best to adjust, but I knokvw I haven’t been perfect with all the changes. It has been another season of learning for me and the one thing God has consistently kept saying to me was… “get back to the basics.”

Finally… I feel as though I am now able to fully understand that leading.

In many ways… as the end of 2015 approaches I feel as though I am leaving a great deal of things behind in preparation of the next season of travel, music and ministry. I am going to accept more opportunities to serve and travel. Not that I am extremely old here… but, there is a limited amount of time ahead and I want to take advantage of that time. I am excited to say the least! I covent your prayers as this new season approaches.

Hoping to see you in 2016!