Post Tour Morning…

kvsj2Greets… had a great tour last week and I am glad to be home. Aubrey gave me a bit of a scare when I pulled into the driveway… not sure what happened (collapsed breathing rather hard). Sadly that framed the evening in a rough way… couldn’t fall asleep til about 3 am and I am already pretty burnt (tired) from tour. Anyway… things have settled down with Aubrey and this morning is a quiet blessing (she is resting beside me as I type this)… hoping to nap at some point today.

Much love and thanks to my dear, dear friend Stuart Jenner for being such a HUGE support and blessing while on tour. Friends like Stu are rare and he is appreciated deeply! On that note… I appreciate you all as well… it was so nice to see you all while on the road last week… I am blessed man for sure!