Antelope Valley Baptist (Gillette, WY)

ImageLast Sunday I traveled to Gillette, Wy to share at Antelope Valley Baptist. I believe this was my 3rd visit and as I was walking through the door… hauling in my guitar and gear, I was met by lady who said these words to me… “hey, you’re that musician guy… I remember you… you’re wonderful.”

Wow… those words meant a great deal to me!

Throughout my time of sharing… I felt the appreciation of those in attendance as well as sensing God moving in a powerful way in all our hearts. Not in a heavy… profound way, but in a powerful yet gentle way. In other words, what God wanted done was being accomplished and it felt great to be in that place!

I am thrilled and excited to be back on the road… it is with great humility that I get to do what I do. God is good!