Grace United Methodist (Piedmont, SD)

Anytime I can be home, and… have a ministry event schedule near my home… it is a blessing!

gumcYesterday, I had the blessing and privilege to share once again at Grace United Methodist Church in Piedmont, SD. I am losing track of how many years I have been ministering there… but each time I go, I am received with loving arms from the body there, and… I love going there as well! Also… since I am highlighting that this is a local event for me… please allow me to also note that this is a church located 5 minutes from my house! How wonderful is that???

Anyway… I was feeling much better physically this time, but I could tell I wasn’t at full strength vocally. Instead of sounding like a cross between Kermit the frog and Kenny Rodgers (like I did last week-end), I sounded more like Kenny Rogers this time. Not that… that is bad, but it ain’t me! Colds and coughing aren’t fun… but hey, they eventually fade as the body recovers. Thank You Lord for your healing touch upon my life!

I pray that those in attendance were blessed immensely yesterday… all in all in was a great morning!

Next week-end I head to Sisseton, SD! It feels great to be back on the road!

God is GOOD!!!