Broadus, MT (Nov 2013)

broadus1There’s nothing worse than heading to an event knowing you aren’t at your best. Since Rosebud Ablaze… where I stayed up almost 24 hours, I had been nursing a bit of a cold. I am learning that my body isn’t what it use to be and Rosebud Ablaze took a toll on me.

So… I had been healing up here and there, but went biking with my good friend Dave in 50 degree temps with hardly any clothes on, thinking it was warmer than what it was and that set me back… but, once I started recovering from that, I went running with not enough clothes again last week and got hit with a cough again. Nothing like coughing all night when you have to get up early the next morning to head to a ministry event… that also included road travel.

Driving to Broadus yesterday morning I knew I needed to be more responsible about how I take care of myself. It was a harsh reality as I sounded like Kermit the frog and Kenny Rodgers combined… for some that’s a great combo, but… not for me! Whenever I minister… I desire to give my very best to those I serve, so I am purposing to cultivate a more responsible, healthier lifestyle as I travel and share in the places God brings me to!

braodus2Yesterday I got through and I sounded extremely rough… but, ministry-wise I believe great things were accomplished! God is good!!!

Much thanks to Pastor Herzog for the invitation year after year to come to Broadus… and of course to the church family of Faith Bible Church… what a blessing you are! The countless words of encouragement yesterday was a HUGE blessing to me! That meant a lot to me!

I wish you all God’s best until next year!!! Remember… God is good!!!