Rosebud Ablaze 2013

Last week-end (Oct. 25th, 26th and 27th) I participated in a wonderful time of worship in White River, SD. Native Nations Ablaze is a ministry that I founded a few years back and our mission and calling is to raise a sound of worship on tribal lands! The event started with 24 Hours of non stop worship… which always kinda messes with my head whenever I think about it… 24 HOURS of straight worship… THAT’S soooooo awesome to me! I KNOW in the spiritual realm, things happen in a great and dynamic way as this is territory and a people that has been held bondage for centuries by powers of darkness. In other words… as we lift HIGH the name of Jesus in worship, I wholeheartedly believe that demons tremble and their work ceases to be effective! We have a saying within Native Nations Ablaze… “the battle belongs to the Lord!” I am confident that God accomplished great things last week-end!

rosebud2013For me personally, I slept maybe an hour during the 24 hours of worship… it has pretty much taken me all week to recover physically, but it was so worth it, and I would do it again!

I would like to THANK all the teams that came to participate in this event… and not make anyone better than any one else, BUT I would like to thank my friend Rick Arrowood and the Kingdom House of Prayer Team for coming and giving soooooooo much towards this effort! They made such a HUGE impact this year and I am still deeply moved whenever I think of them!

I would also like to thank Pastor Randy Ellendorf, as his wife Rebecca for hosting this event at their church THE GATHERING. We love you both dearly… and cannot wait to see you again!

All in all it was a tremendous week-end! God is GOOD!!!