New Challenges, God is good!

I am the most blessed man alive… I actually feel that way, even when things aren’t going my way… I am blessed, abundantly blessed!

Presently… this new season of ministry is presenting some financial challenges! My wife Jill is no longer employed and we’re doing our best to discover solutions to that reality. Your prayers are appreciated! Thank you!!!

My courage is still up… but there have been some disappointments a long the way! The project with Will Ackerman still sits in limbo and there have been some costs that have occurred with that effort that I am hoping to tend to as soon as I can. What a tremendous opportunity it was to start the project… but what a disappointment it’s been that I have not been able to complete that effort. It’s been a HUGE dream to work and record with Will Ackerman… hoping & praying… in time for a resolve there.

Anyway… here is where I am! I know, that I know God has this and in that revelation, I am choosing to rest in that. God is GOOD folks! God is good!!!

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