Casper, WY (September 2013)

I’ve been meaning to write about my travels to Casper, WY all week… but sadly, I’ve been feeling a little sick. Sinus junk… which seems to knock me down at least once a year. Needless to say… I haven’t been all that motivated to do much this week. But this morning I posted on my Facebook page that I actually feel like running today… so, motivation is returning!

But… this post is about Casper, WY and not about feeling sick this week (inserting a giggle here).

boyd2Casper seems to be a place where I am welcomed over and over again! It is always a BLESSING to minister and share in Casper!

Last week end I had the blessing of leading worship during the morning services (they have 2 services) at Boyd Ave Baptist Church)… and then ministered and presented an evening concert of stories, and worship as well. I love that combination… it made for a wonderful day!

boydteamWorkingp with the worship team at Boyd Ave Baptist was a breeze! The team members were so laid back and very good musician’s as well! We rehearsed Saturday evening and I felt as though I have played with these guys for many years. In other words it was effortless… and, if I may add… lots of fun too!

The evening concert was fun as well! I’ve been writing songs with a dear friend of mine Ashley Behlings and I’ve been slowly working those songs into the set list. I shared some “classic” faves as well… of course I mean, classic to me… and who knows, maybe some might be classic to some in attendance!? At any rate… I was well received and after the concert event… all my stock of CD’s were sold! I was slightly amazed by that… I haven’t sold that many CD’s in awhile!

Many thanks & love to all at Boyd Ave Baptist… you blessed me big time and to Scott Baxter… who I hardly ever see, but sooooooo appreciate the gift of friendship! Until next time… grace & peace to one and all!