Cody, WY – September 2013 (you can play electric guitar?)

My good friend’s (in TheKVBand) have a song we sing… of course it would not be funny to anyone else but us… but it’s a song we sing when we’re heading to Cody, WY. Although it was composed & surrounded with great laughter… it is a endearing song about a place that I LOVE going to!

I was humming this song off and on as I drove to Cody, WY last Friday afternoon!

Not only is Cody visually stunning (surrounded by high mountain peaks… as it is the gateway to Yellowstone Park) but is the home of some of my most precious friends!

I ALWAYS love going there… and always hate leaving…

band2For this particular week-end I was invited to join with a band of worshippers for a community worship gathering in the park of Cody, WY! The musician’s were hand picked by my dear friend Pastor Kenny Lee… and along with these fine musicians… a wonderful musician was brought in from Nashville named Doug Mathis. Doug and I are about the same age and both love rocking worship music. We got along famously… laughed and enjoyed the whole experience!


My main job was to play electric guitar and many know me as a gentle, acoustic guitarist worshipper… so hearing and seeing me “shred” on my Suhr Guitar… most were a little taken a back by that! I heard many times this question last Sunday afternoon… “you can play the electric guitar???” Usually followed by a look of bewilderment.

For those that still might not know… here’s a sample of such playing. This track was recorded with the Harvest Hills Worship Team (my home church here in the Black Hawk, Piedmont area)… note the last two distorted/wha solos… those are me.

kvcodyAnyway… I did have the blessing of sharing a few songs solo on my acoustic and that was a blessing to serve in that capacity as well.

All in all it was an amazing week-end… I ran so hard, meaning I was on the go so much that I came home beat tired! BUT… I love that! It means I lived to the fullest during my time on the road this week-end… what a blessing it was!