Pierre, SD

It was HOT last week-end in Pierre, SD!

I am an eskimo… I ain’t used to that, but I somehow survived. Of course I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek! But… yeah, it was HOT!!!

stumagooNone the less… I had a great time in Pierre! It started when my dear friends, Stuart & Sara Jenner showed up at my hotel room. Both mean the world to me and I love them dearly! They were here by way of Oklahoma City where they have been living for most of 2013. A mutual friend’s wedding brought them to South Dakota and I was so thankful! Stuart is preparing to attend a guitar building school in Phoenix! So while he was in Pierre, he took on a little project installing a new pick up system (K&K Pure Mini) into my Eastman Guitar. He did a great job! The fruits of his labor was made abundantly clear the next morning during my sound check at River Centre Church… it sounded amazing! I was thrilled!!!

After a great morning of ministry at River Centre Church… we shared for about 2 hours at an outdoor Worship In The Park event there in Pierre. Once again it was Stuart and I playing and we had a blast… although, I dunno if I’ve ever played in such heat! The humidity was just about unbearable… but again, I am an eskimo!

All in all… it was a blessing to be apart of God’s plans in Pierre that way! Looking forward to the next adventure!