Casper, WY (Aug 2013)

I have to admit… the city of Casper, Wy has been a great place for me and Heartcall Music Ministry throughout the years. The people and churches of this city has welcomed me over and over… it is humbling to say the least!

Last Sunday morning I had the blessing and privilege of sharing at the Casper Foursquare Church… and this was my 17th year in a row visiting this wonderful community of believers!

I came with the intent to record a LIVE Concert recording… but sadly it didn’t happen!

I arrived in Casper… checking into my hotel, I was told that the room was paid for, when it had… thus started a series of interesting situations. I’ll list them…

– Hotel Room was not ready in terms of being paid for, so I paid for it until the issue was resolved later.

– The next morning I went to change my guitar strings (which I do before every event) and I could not locate any guitar picks… which I had purchased the day before. They’re an important of my playing and sound. As of this posting… I have no idea what happened to them!

– Due to searching all over for guitar picks… I ended up arriving at the church a touch later than I planned… so I had to rush through changing my guitar strings… and sadly I placed one string in the wrong place, clipped the end and then realized the mistake… but, since I clipped the string… it was too short to placed in the proper place. SO… I had five new strings, with one old one… interesting sound.

– Lastly… the pick up system in my guitar started rattling! Making odd noises… which is a horrible thing when you’re trying to record! Because of it… I abandoned the recording.

BUT… the interesting thing is as I started considering the idea of quitting my recording effort… I felt as though God prompted my heart to share on peace and resting in the Lord. So I set my guitar down and started sharing about what it means to rest in God’s peace… using Psalm 37 as the base of the message. Totally unplanned… but it ended up being a powerful time of ministry!

So… even though I tried to record… I ended up sharing a timely message for this community of believers and it was in the end… was what God wanted all along! Those are really the best times of ministry! I’ll try another recording another time!