Story, WY… here I come

I am excited… in a few hours I am going to hit the road once again! This time I am bound for Story, WY!

story,bighornsI don’t think too many folks know about Story, WY… it sits in between Buffalo, and Sheridan, WY… neatly tucked beneath the Big Horn Mountains! There have been many times I thought to myself… “I could live here” whenever I come to visit!

Tomorrow I am once again sharing at The Story Community Church! I think this might be my 4th or 5th there… I dunno… over time I lose track! None the less… I LOVE going back year after year and this year I am recording a LIVE concert recording! Praying it goes well!

So… as the week-end progresses, I’ll check in here from time to time to bring you all some updates as the week-end progresses!

… on the road again …