Leading worship in Midland, SD

Last sunday I was blessed with the opportunity to share and minister in Midland, SD!

obcmidlandWay back in the day… circa 1979 or so… I played in public for the very first time at the Open Bible Church in Midland… and here I was, after 24 years or so… returning to this church.

Over the years I had numerous opportunities to come back and it has always been a tremendous reminder of those days of my youth. Back then I was a new guitarist… singer and songwriter. I had just formed a new group with my buddy and friend Randy Canaday. We had decided to name our newly formed group, Jeremiah… and back in 1979, we traveled to Midland to share 3 original songs I had written. I have a cassette of that performance somewhere… it would be interesting to hear that again!

crossSo once again… I have returned… this time to lead worship and to be apart of God’s plans and purposes for this particular morning.

Saturday evening I had a rough time as I had broken out with hives… which only allowed me a few hours of sleep… but, none the less I made it through ok and enjoyed leading worship.

Normally I do concert events… but occasionally I lead worship too and that is a tremendous privilege!

Pressing on…