Kansas City 2013

Last week-end I had the blessed privilege to travel to the Kansas City area once again!

As always, I stayed with my dear friend’s the Beaird’s. Scot Beaird and I go WAY back… in fact he and I started in ministry at the same time. He is one of my dearest, trusted friends!

chosunAnyway… food is always one of the joys of traveling and I LOVE asian food… so the Beaird’s took me to a Korean Grill called Chosun’s. LOVED it… and I ate tooooo much food to boot! But hey… I was “on the road” so… no worries! At least that was what I was telling myself as an excuse to enjoy myself that evening! Oh the joys of being on the road!

Sunday morning I ministered at Fortress Of Faith in Leavenworth, KS!

ffIt’s sooooooo funny, but every time I mention that “I am traveling to Leavenworth,” the common question is… “you playing at the prison???”

Sadly no… cuz I would LOVE to one day… BUT, I confess… I LOVE sharing at Fortress of Faith in Leavenworth! This wonderful church are a group of people who have been nothing short of a blessing to me and my ministry efforts! I’ve been going there for approx. 16 years now… year after year!

I LOVE them dearly!

My topic of sharing was centered on Native Nations Ablaze and our efforts to ‘raise a sound of worship on tribal lands.’

All in all… it was a great trip, but… sadly it went by way toooooooo fast! I hope to go back soon!!!